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Lil Ag' University

Lil Ag' University is a virtual STEAM program designed to help students in 4th-8th grade learn about urban agriculture through hands-on and engaging activities

Summer STEAM

Choose from 8 engaging, hands-on and real world STEAM weeks for students in 3rd-12th grade. Our Summer STEAM Camp is one of a kind! Students do hands on activities daily, learn about STEAM Careers, go on field trips, meet STEAM mentors and much much more!


Improve STEAM at your organization through our professional development opportunities! We offer customized seminars, webinars, trainings and hands-on STEAM training. 


We provide engaging, hands on and real-world STEAM programming. Our robust STEAM Club program offers, group tutoring, homework help, and SAT PREP services that can help enhance student's knowledge, boost confidence, create independent learners and close educational gaps.

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