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Summer STEAM Camp will energize your child and immerse them into engaging, innovative and forward thinking STEAM experiences.  Choose from 10 unique STEAM weekly topics! Each week offers hands-on, real world, active STEAM activities for ages 9-17 years old. Our Summer STEAM Camp will be hosted at the state of the art Lewis University where your child will soar to new heights! Summer STEAM Camp runs form June 7-August 13, 2021. 

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9-11 Years Old        12-14 Years Old        15-17 Years Old





Week #1                         

STEM Fitness & Food Science

June 7-11

Exploring nutrition, food science, and fitness students will experience the relationship between foods and its effect on health. Your child will learn to consider chemical, biological, and physical properties of food in a fun environment. The added bonus is that participants will get active with celebrity chef and trainer Arron Sain!


Week #2                             

Science Behind Sports

June 14-18

This camp experience combines scientific learning and sports to help students develop critical thinking, collaboration, and creative problem-solving skills that can be applied throughout their lives, future occupations and real-life everyday situations. 


Week #3                       

Game Development & Design 

June 21-25

Unlocking brilliance and creativity this experience will build strengths in beginner students and support increasing proficiency levels. Students will learn how gaming systems work and move from consumers to designers of games.

Week #4                               

Coding & Robotics

June 28-July 2

It’s the ultimate learning experience for students with an interest in tech and creative makers.  Students will learn how to build robots and make the move through coding programs they create! This experience reinforces confidence, team work, writing, design and mathematics. Combined with some of the greatest Thought Leaders, this summer experience will be exhilarating.


Week #5                                 

Engineering Lab

July 5-9

Explore engineering through a summer course designed for motivated students with an aptitude toward math and science. Curiosities are fostered as students learn to think and problem-solve like engineers. Students complete lab activities in civil, chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Interacting with professional engineers will add to this enriching experience.


Week #6                                   

Space Camp

July 12-16

Unforgettable experiences for students that  love science and space exploration will take explorers on travels across the universe. Telescope observations, rocketry, and planetary and solar science will deepen student’s understanding of science and space exploration. 


Week #7                     

Investing & Entrepreneurship

July 19-23

Discover the secrets concerning money, personal financial, investing and decision making.  Students will learn how to get the most out of their money and discover great financial careers. This experience will include visits form financial institution professionals, stock trading and opportunities for students to build their own businesses.


Week #8                           

Forensics & Medicine

July 26-30

Hands-on experiences will increase interest in biological sciences and medicine. Paired with Lewis University student mentors, camp attendees will have the opportunity to explore forensics and medicine in a laboratory setting.


Week #9                           

Art & Museum Camp

August 2-6

Dive into the A in STEAM this week! By creating, analyzing, and discovering great art, participants will learn about how the A in STEAM provides and opportunity for students to tap into their creative side, honing their skills in drawing, painting, and design. A trip to the local glass blowing studio completes this artistic week!


Week #10               

Movie Makeup & Costume Design

August 9-13

Stage make-up, costume design, colored fire, glow in the dark paint! These are just a few of the activities students will be able to participate in as they step into the world of STEAM in Hollywood! This week’s experience is complete with a visit from a real world makeup artist!


9-11 Years Old       12-14 Years Old        15-17 Years Old



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Natalie Coleman


Jill Krysinski

Camp Director

Terra Taylor

Curriculum Developer

Kristen McDonald

Curriculum Developer

Vikki Kehoe

Curriculum Developer



Hands-On Science provides a new STEAM experience curated specifically for students grade level. This means your child will remain excited about STEAM and Summer Camp!


Small Class sizes ensure your child is safe and receives the attention they deserve. We are following CDC recommendations related to COVID-19. Class sizes are limited, enroll early to ensure your child is included.


Trained Instructors  ensure your child’s STEAM experience is guided by  enthusiastic, caring and knowledgeable staff.


Skill Building encourages your child’s natural curiosity and helps them build problem solving, communication, teamwork, and decision making skills. 


Challenging and Engaging real-life experiences at Lewis University allow students to learn from professionals in STEAM Careers each week.


9:00 a.m. Food Science & Technology: Nutrition

10:00 a.m.  STEAM Career Hour

11:00 a.m. Food Science DIY: Recipe Building

12:00 p.m. Lunch*

1:00 p.m. Food Science Cotton Candy Experiment

2:00 p.m.  STEAM Student Highlight

3:00 p.m. Summer STEAM Camp Day Ends

*Students are required to bring their own lunch each day. 


9-11 Years Old       12-14 Years Old        15-17 Years Old



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