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November 10, 2021

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IMMEDIATE Press Release 

After The Peanut presents LiL AG' University. 
Lil Ag' University is a STEAM program designed to help students in 4th-8th grade learn about urban agriculture through year-round, hands-on, engaging activities.


The program includes the following concentrations:

Engineering - Each session, students will learn the engineering behind designing indoor growing systems and build one of their own!

Teamwork - Students will work on a variety of projects as a team to make sure their garden flourishes year-round!

Hydroponics - Hydroponics is a type of farming that allows for year-round growth regardless of climate or region and will be the primary growth mechanism of growth for Lil Ag University!

Healthy Lifestyle - Students will be able to take what they grow home to their families! The overall goal is to encourage healthy living for all of our participants, their families, and their community! 

We are now accepting enrollment for Session 2: January 18, 2022-February 24, 2022.  Please visit for more details.  Please share the following promos and consider them for ad placement.  For bookings or interview interests with the founder of the program, Dr. Natalie Coleman, email


This free program is made through a grant provided by the Will County Community Foundation and in partnership with NHBW (Joliet), Lewis University, and Will County Land Use & Development.


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"There is a need for education in urban agriculture and now is the time to cultivate the next generation"

Dr. Natalie Coleman, CEO
After the Peanut