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Lil Ag' University

Lil Ag' University is a hybrid STEAM Agriculture program designed to help students  learn about Urban Agriculture through hands-on and engaging activities. We launched this program in Fall of 2021 and continue programming Fall 2022.  Stay tuned and get ready to grow with After the Peanut!

Cooking Lesson
Organic Garden

Lil Ag U

Students received a dynamic agriculture kit full of  supplies and materials to grow food at home.


We showed off Lil Ag on our @afterthepeanut social media pages!

Students  received a digital workbook to learn more about agriculture and to stay on track with their growing!

We gave out weekly prizes when students posted on Facebook or Instagram and tagged @afterthepeanut.

"There is a need for equitable education in urban agriculture and now is the time to cultivate the next generation."

Dr. Natalie Coleman, CEO
After the Peanut

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