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After the Peanut Partners with The MolinaCares Accord

July 31, 2021

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[Will County, IL]---Urban Agriculture is taking off throughout our country. As families and communities look to improve their health, they can start by creating their own gardens at home. After the Peanut understands the importance of this as does The MolinaCares Accord, in  collaboration with Molina Healthcare of Illinois. Through a partnership between the two organizations, After the Peanut will be able to distribute Urban Agriculture boxes to families throughout Will County late summer of 2021. The boxes will include gardening tools, healthy recipes, seeds for growing produce at home, and a gift card to encourage trying new healthy recipes.

     The first event that After the Peanut will distribute boxes is at Elevate Pop Up Shop Tour on August 7, 2021. This event will take place at the Joliet Slammers Stadium located at 1 Mayor Art Schultz Drive in Joliet, Illinois from 12:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. Over 100 vendors will be present to showcase their services and products. This is the second event of this kind put on by BP Events and looks to draw thousands of attendees.

     After the Peanut realizes the desire for families to have healthier lifestyles. By providing access and information to families, After the Peanut is providing a solution to close ongoing health inequities. After the Peanut, along with The MolinaCares Accord will continue to provide access and information to the families who need it the most. After the Peanut CEO, Dr. Natalie Coleman says “this is a much needed service now more than ever with the exasperation of health disparities coming to the forefront”.  As a small  business owner and educator, Dr. Coleman is grateful for the partnership with The MolinaCares Accord, in collaboration with Molina Healthcare of Illinois.


Inspired by George Washington Carver, After the Peanut was founded in 2014 and opened its STEM Center in 2018. The company focuses on the power of knowledge and education in the face of adversity and challenges. Their goal is to transform communities by increasing educational opportunities for underrepresented groups in STEM. You can follow After the Peanut on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter @afterthepeanut or visit for more information.


About The MolinaCares Accord:

Established by Molina Healthcare, Inc., The MolinaCares Accord oversees a community investment platform created to improve the health and well-being of disadvantaged populations by funding meaningful, measurable, and innovative programs and solutions that improve health, life, and living in local communities. The MolinaCares Accord funds such measures through The Molina Healthcare Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)(3) established in 2020 by Molina Healthcare, Inc.

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