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This past year has been challenging but the resilience of students and families is ever present. We know things are different and we are making sure we are imaging new possibilities in STEAM education! Introducing our virtual/in-person STEAM Club! In this club, your child will discover endless possibilities! We envision a better and brighter future for them! This is our why...won't you join us?

Girl with DIY Robot

Why we love STEAM!!!


Hands-On Science provides a new STEAM experience curated specifically for students grade level. This means your child will remain excited about STEAM!


Trained Staff ensures your child’s STEAM experience is guided by  enthusiastic, caring and knowledgeable staff.


Skill Building encourages your child’s natural curiosity and helps them build problem solving, communication, teamwork, and decision making skills. 


Challenging and Engaging real-life experiences and opportunities allow students to learn from students and professionals in STEAM.

Using the Computer

What's in it for my kid?

STEAM Mentors

In-Person STEAM Opportunities

Field Trips

Live Labs!


Quarterly STEAM Kit


Interact with a STEAM professional and college students monthly via Zoom to learn what it takes to get into various STEAM majors and careers.

Receive discounts on Saturday STEAM days, Learning Pods, STEAM nights and other in persons events.

Be the first to know about our amazing field trip opportunities and receive discounts!

Get hands-on with our monthly, live lab sessions from our STEAM Center in Lockport, IL with an opportunity to join us in person!


Be eligible to win a STEAM gift every month you are an active member.

Receive the latest and greatest STEAM kit quarterly!

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