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Summer Enrichment Sessions

One University. Eight Experiences.

High school students can choose from 8 offerings of 1-week summer courses. SAT prep coursework and interactive activities are included throughout each summer session. This program is ideal for students who want to improve their communication skills, time management, critical thinking and problem solving, conflict resolution, teamwork and adaptability.

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Week #1                         


June 20-24

Ready to launch? Experience the world of engineering, robotics and flight. It’s the ultimate learning experience for students with an interest in tech and robots. Participants will design, build, program and test robots. Students will enjoy the ultimate experience by forming teams and creating their own "Battle Bot" to compete against other groups. On-campus activities include experiences with Lewis University Aviation.

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Week #2     

Forensics & Medicine

June 27-July 1

Do you want to explore new interests? Hands-on experiences are designed to increase participants' interests in biological sciences and medicine. Paired with Lewis University Faculty, students will explore forensics and medicine in a laboratory setting and solve a mock crime!

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Week #3       
July 5-8*

Are you a serious self-starter? After the Peanut’s STEAM Enrichment and SAT Prep program empowers students to develop ideas, collaborate with established professionals and begin the groundwork to form startups. Our commitment to entrepreneurship will move you from ideation to implementation. Our one week intensive helps students become entrepreneurs.

*There Is No Camp On Monday July 4, 2022.

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Week #4                                 
Space Science & Engineering 
July 11-15

Ready for a challenge? Explore engineering through a summer course designed for motivated students with an aptitude toward math and science. Curiosities are fostered as participants learn to think and problem-solve like engineers. Students' interaction with professional engineers will add to this enriching experience. Off campus activities include Olivet Nazarene's planetarium.

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Week #5                                    
Art & Museum Week
July 18-22

Interested in being the creator?  Create and discover great art while exploring the A in STEAM! This session allows students to tap into their creative side, honing their skills in drawing, painting, sculpting, and design. Off campus workshops include glass blowing and a museum architect tour.

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Week #6                      
Coding & Game Development
July 25-29

Looking for a challenge? Unlock your brilliance and creativity with this experience. This session will build strengths in beginner students and support increasing proficiency levels. Participants will learn how gaming systems work, move from consumers to designers of games, and explore the Lewis University eSports Lounge. Students will leap into the world of the Metaverse, NFTs, and Virtual Reality(VR).

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Week #7
Eat. Sleep. Train. Repeat
August 1-5

Need food for thought? Explore nutrition, food science, and sports. Students will experience the relationship between foods and its effect on health. Participants will learn to consider chemical, biological, and physical properties of food in a fun immersive environment. Students will have the opportunity to meet collegiate and professional athletes and trainers.

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Week #8                
Save the Drama!
August 8-12

Ready to cultivate artistry and technique? Captivate hearts and minds through the passion of theater while developing critical thinking and problem solving skills through liberal arts. Immersive activities include stage make-up, costume design, colored fire, and the art of glow in the dark paint! These are just a few of the activities participants embark on as they learn the art of improv, create their own play, perform and even design costumes! This session includes a real world makeup artist as one of the mentors.

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